Bikepacking: 1st Trial Ride.

I just finished a 20.94km cycling that lasted about 1hh:15mm:56ss ! Links: ...

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I just finished a 20.94km cycling that lasted about 1hh:15mm:56ss !

cycle as a support

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This was a manual entry into Exhaust, today's ride was to an area where Strava cannot access GPS so the readings were taken from my Bikes Computer.

I have been enjoying my daily hikes, so I thought why not combine that with my other outdoor activity which is cycling. I'm in no way set up to carry gear on my cycle, and carrying my 55L Backpack is definitely not on. So I pulled out my old 25L Sports Bag and it was time to decide what I can take on this ride:-

  • the sports bag
  • dd tarp 3x3
  • 12 pegs
  • bag full of paracord (including custom ridge line)
  • ground sheet
  • tripod, sony fdr-x3000 action camera
  • jandals (flip flops), best way to enjoy a camp site.
  • lunch (tuna sandwiches) and 1 banana



So did I have a Tarp shelter design in mind when I headed out, not really, The A-Frame seemed the obvious choice. As soon as I got to this grassed reservoir area, I decided the shelter needs to protect the cycle from rain as well. The Plow Point design is what I decided to use, and somehow incorporate the cycle as a support.

As you can see in the 1st image, I flipped the bike over onto the handlebars, this provided a stable support that I can use to my advantage. The front wheel acts as the back support (usually a trekking pole) at the lower end lifts the tarp up. Here I use a tree at the front end, as there was no wind the layout wasn't critical.

The lower end should face where the wind is coming from.

If the weather gets bad, it is easy to remove the ridge line from the tree and peg down that corner directly into the ground. There as a lot of room under this Tarp to fit 2 people comfortably.

Note: having the tires against the Tarp, gave me a lot of confidence it won't rip at these contact points.


The weight should not be on my back, when I did an easy hill climb, it was a struggle. I need to further reduce the weight carried, probably take less items (have to be brutal here). Sorting out carrying solutions is going to be interesting as I do not want to drastically modify the cycle.

At this stage, a single day outing bikepacking set up is my target.

too heavy


Did not enjoy the ride, Tarping was fun

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